Pi Day 2013

Our annual “Pi Day” celebration had humble beginnings.  Five years ago, Ben and two of his friends (one of whom was a math teacher) each baked a pie on March 14th to honor the irrational number.  Over the past five years, “Pi Day” has grown in the quality and quantity of entries.  This year, 12 delicious pi-themed pies were up for the title of Champion.  I can happily report that me and Rich’s Blueberry Banana Cream Pie with an almond crust was crowned the winner.


Creating our pie was a true team effort.  Rich made the crust and I made the filling.  We even used the Pi formula to calculate the surface area of our pie in blueberries (hence the 254 on our pie).  I think baba Brock felt really proud of his or her parents as we added our names to the coveted Pi Day trophy.

If you are interested in making this delicious pie, you can find the filling recipe here and the crust recipe here.

a (1) a (5) a (6) a (7) a (8) a (9) b (1) b (2) b (3) b (4) c z (1) z (2) z (3)


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