Almost 32 Weeks


It’s kind of hard to believe but as of Sunday, I will be 32 weeks pregnant.  Theoretically, we could meet our baby in less then 60 days (although I’m trying not to get my hopes up on an on time arrival).  I’ve been feeling the baby move around very, very, often.   It’s most active time seems to be right as Rich and I are going to bed (which makes me a little nervous about the baby’s potential sleeping habits).  On many nights, we’ve stayed up much later than planned, watching my belly move and pulsate independent of any action on my part.  Seeing my belly move is always amazing and strange at the same time.

I am getting so curious to know who is growing inside of me.  I wonder about the baby’s gender, the baby’s name (we’ve decided not to name the baby until we’ve actually met him or her), and whether his or her eyes will be brown or blue.  I wonder if the baby will be lean and introverted like it’s daddy or outgoing and curvy like it’s mommy.  The mystery of a new life is a very beautiful thing.

We are headed out for a wedding and I am hoping to give a proper update on Sunday.  We’ve been busy going to birthing class (which wasn’t weird like I thought it would be), Rich has planted a garden, and I have been hard at work getting the nursery ready.  Until then, above is a photo of my giant belly 🙂


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