Isaac and his Opa

Are cool as it is that Isaac is eligible for three passports (we have our own Jason Bourne), the obvious drawback to having such an international family is distance.  Rich’s side of our family is minimally an 8+ hour flight away, which means face to face time (Skype doesn’t quite count) can’t happen as often as we’d like.  However, when we do get to be together, the time is very special and memorable, particularly since the arrival of our little sunshine boy.  Last week, Isaac was able to spend some very special time with his Opa or “Pa” (that was easier to say).  The time passed too quickly and we look forward to seeing “Pa” again soon!! 2014-12-04_001 2014-12-04_002 2014-12-04_003 2014-12-04_004 2014-12-04_005 2014-12-04_006 2014-12-04_007 2014-12-04_008 2014-12-04_009 2014-12-04_010 2014-12-04_011 2014-12-04_012 2014-12-04_013 2014-12-04_014 2014-12-04_015 2014-12-04_016 2014-12-04_017


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