Flying Kites

Today we made the most of having no plans and the warmish weather on this windy Saturday.  Rich flew the kite, Isaac happily looked on, and we all enjoyed being a family.  On a side note, I love Isaac in overalls.  I am so ready for the winter weather but am a little sad I have to pack them away.   2015-04-04_001 2015-04-04_002 2015-04-04_003 2015-04-04_004 2015-04-04_005 2015-04-04_006 2015-04-04_007 2015-04-04_008 2015-04-04_009 2015-04-04_010 2015-04-04_011 2015-04-04_012 2015-04-04_013 2015-04-04_014 2015-04-04_015 2015-04-04_016 2015-04-04_017 2015-04-04_018


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