The Laundry Can Be Refolded

I recently read that a toddlers’ curiosity peaks around 21 months.  I totally believe it.  “Dump it out” is currently one of Isaac’s favorite phrases, which he will happily apply to anything at any time.  This week alone he’s emptied countless cups of water (fortunately this occurred in the safety of his water table), two boxes of pasta, several cups of puffs, and one basket of newly folded laundry.

As I juggle chasing around a toddler, growing baby sister, running a business, being a wife, food shopping, doing laundry, and cooking dinner, I find myself feeling completely exhausted at the end of every night.  It’s a lot to manage on a good day; on a bad day the pace of life feels overwhelming.   In the midst of the business of long days, I lose sight of how quickly time passes.  And when I lose sight of that, I forget what is truly important.

A few evenings again, Rich and I were looking through some photos and videos taken over the winter.  I was taken back (and a little saddened) at how much Isaac has changed since then.  He’s morphed from a baby into a boy and I’m not completely sure when it happened.  He will be two (TWO?!?) in August.  Two years ago he was still a mystery in my womb and now he’s a delightful, sweet, quirky little boy.

I know that life is not going to be slower or easier any time soon.  But I am realizing that in the midst of days that can sometimes feel overwhelming I need to pause, reset, and enjoy the moment that is happening in front of me.  Enjoy the chance to snuggle my toddler when he isn’t feeling well.  Engage in a game of hide and seek in the kitchen.  Read another book about diggers and dump trucks with him tucked on my lap.

And while it is true that trying to accomplish any grown up task in the presence of a toddler generally brings with it some level of frustration (see the below photos if you have any doubts).   The reality is that puffs can be vacuumed up, laundry can be refolded, and toys can be picked up. There is always much to do but the reality is that most of it can wait five minutes.  And in 20 years time, I know I’ll be glad to have waited

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