Weeks Three and Four: Tired

Snuggling a newborn baby and having her fall asleep on your chest is one of life’s greatest experiences.  However, when it’s 4 am, you haven’t properly slept in weeks, and your newborn is refusing to sleep anywhere but your chest, it loses some of its splendor.

While newborns are sweet and miraculous, they are not easy to care for.  They are completely dependent on you, the only way they can communicate is by crying, they create an endless pile of laundry, and they don’t always like to sleep at night.  The newborn stage isn’t my personal favorite.   While I love getting to cuddle and rock Ellie, I am looking forward to seeing her first smiles,  watching her laugh at her brother, and enjoying a full night’s sleep.

Fortunately, as second time parents, Rich and I know this season will pass.  I remember when we hit four weeks with Isaac and were struggling to adjust to life with a newborn.  I felt like I was in a hole of laundry, dirty dishes, endless feeding, and tiredness that I’d never get out of.  But we did.  In fact, looking back the time passed much quicker than I could have ever expected.

As we all adjust to being a family of four, there are highs and lows.  There are special moments you want to carefully remember and moments of exhausting and frustration you want to quickly forget.

In the past two weeks we’ve given Ellie her first bath, enjoyed some lovely late summer evenings at the park, and I even manged a solo Costco trip with two kids.  Ellie has already grown and changed so much since she was born.  As someone who struggled so much with breastfeeding the first time around, seeing little rolls start to appear on her arms and legs is nothing less than thrilling.

Our new normal is slowly starting to feel normal.

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Baby Item We Are Loving This Week: 

Ergobaby Wrap

I’ve always been a big fan of baby wearing but I wasn’t a big fan of baby wraps until I tried this one from Ergobaby.  Wraps are great for the infant stage because they are super soft and support the baby’s entire body. Ellie loves being snuggled on my chest and the warp allows her to stay in that position.  The wrap lets me hold her and be hands free.  It’s perfect for trips to the grocery store, family outings, and for days when your baby just doesn’t want to be put down (we’ve had a few of those this week!).

I specifically love the Ergobaby wrap for two reasons.  First, it is made from an amazing soft but stretchy fabric that is both supportive and comfortable.  Secondly, it was has a giant pocket.  Not only is the pocket convenient for holding keys and a pacifier, it also makes it easier to put on because you always know where the middle of the wrap it.

At first, the wrap can be intimidating to put on but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.  I definitely recommend this to any new moms looking for a wrap!  We love baby wearing 🙂



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