About Us

An introverted South African boy volunteer’s on hospital ship in Benin.  An extroverted American girl volunteer’s on the same hospital ship in Benin. They work together and share a tiny, barely air conditioned office for six months.  Initially, the boy is put off by the girl’s (often loud) enthusiasm for life.  But over time, her enthusiasm grows on him and they fall in love.

The leave Benin and the ship in December 2009.  The girl returns to the Northern Hemisphere; the boy returns to the Southern Hemisphere.  After many skype calls, paper work, dollars, and tears, they are granted permission to legally marry in America.  The boy packs up his belongings, travels 7800 miles, and marries the girl he loves in September 2010.

They currently are living the great adventure that life is, together, in Pennsylvania.  And they are pretty darn in love with each other.

Check out what we do:

Meg takes photos for a living  www.megbrock.com

Rich created digital signage  www.digitalsignid.com 


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